Anne with an E Series Review: A Hidden Gem on Netflix

Anne with an E, a Netflix series adapted from the book that was written in 1908 called Anne of Green Gables, is appealing to the eye with its sceneries, to the ear with its musics, and to the soul with its lines. If you are looking for good series suggestions, Netflix series suggestions, you have come to the right place. Let's move on to Anne with an E review, which is spoiler-free by the way.

Anne with an E Series Review: A Hidden Gem on Netflix

“I like imagining better than remembering. Why are the worst memories the most insistent?"  
-Anne Shirley-Cuthbert/ Anne with an E 


The General Theme

The story begins when the main character Anne, who had to grow up in an orphanage since she was a little girl, finds a safe home in Green Gables on Prince Edward Island at the age of 13. While watching the series, I felt sympathy towards the story of this girl who holds on to life with such an open heart despite all the traumas she has experienced in her past and is still going through. The way she shines positivity on people is just extraordinary. I not only cried a lot but laughed too as if I was living the events myself.

Anne with an E Series Review: A Hidden Gem on Netflix

"Tell me, and I forgetTeach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn."  
- Anne Shirley-Cuthbert/Anne with an E

Pace of the First Season Is A Bit Slow

When I watched the series from the beginning for the second time, I noticed a lot of new things. I guess anyone who watched it once would want to watch it again. There were a few people I heard of that got bored within the first episodes and quit watching the show. I have to admit that the pace of the series is a bit slow in the beginning, but this is something the director does deliberately because she wants the main characters to be well-established in our minds. 

She wants us to connect and empathize with them and to understand their inner worlds. If you find yourself get bored in the first episode, please be patient because after the third episode, the pace of the series gets faster and you definitely don't want to miss the rest.

The Cast

Anne with an E cast is also great. Anne is played by a young Irish actress Amybeth McNulty, Gilbert is played by Lucas Jade Zumann, Marilla is played by Geraldine James, Matthew is played by R. H. Thomson and Diana is played by Dalila Bela.

Anne with an E Series Review: A Hidden Gem on Netflix

In addition, today is my birthday and my gift to myself was to make a review of this inspiring series. It is definitely a series that includes tolerance, self-confidence, fighting for what is right and many more beautiful messages. And I haven't watched any other TV series that has so many literary words in it. I suggest you watch Anne with an E not with small children, but with children that are older than the age of 12

I give this series 10 out of 10. My question to you for today is if something bad happened to someone who treated you very badly, would you support them? You can write your answer or any other opinion about Anne with an E in the comments section down below. I would really like to see what you think about the series.

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