Thor Love and Thunder: Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing It

Welcome or welcome back dear readers, I'm here with another Marvel content. As a big Thor fan, I've been waiting for Thor 4: Love and Thunder to come out for a long time. As we approach the end of 2021, there are only 9 months left for Thor Love and Thunder to be released. Without further ado, let's move on to the article in which I covered everything you need to know before seeing Thor 4 Love and Thunder, summary of the all three Thor movies and Endgame and new updates about the movie.

Thor 4 Love and Thunder: Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing It

The last time we saw Thor was in Avengers: Endgame. You may remember that the personality of Thor, who was stuck in our world, had changed a lot. He had turned into a depressed, chubby, all-day video game player kind of person and he definitely brought a comedic element to Endgame alongside Professor Hulk. But this wasn't the invincible Lightning God we're used to and loved. Unable to use Mjolnir, Thor also had lost his self-confidence. Before I talk about what happened in Endgame, I would like to give a brief summary of Thor's last 3 movies so that you can remember. 

1- Thor:

You may remember that in Thor 1, Odin had taken Thor's godly powers and imprisoned him in the world, and Thor wasn't able to lift Mjölnir until he was worthy of it. The reason for this was that he wanted to punish Thor.

At Thor's coronation, Frost Giants had tried to steal a weapon that was held in Asgard, so Thor went to Jotenheim with his team in secret and fought the Frost Giants. Odin punished him for disobeying his word. Thor's descendence to Earth was of course a very important step for the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU). While on Earth, Thor met an astrophysicist named Jane Foster(Natalie Portman). The astrophysicists, including Jane, were investigating the Wormhole in New Mexico. Meanwhile, Odin, who had an argument with Loki in Asgard, fell into a deep sleep.

In the end, having sacrificed himself to save his friend from a monster that had come to earth, Thor proved himself worthy of Mjölnir and got saved. Before he left Earth, he promised Jane that he would come back, which is an important detail for the sequel of the movie. In Asgard, Loki and Thor got into a big fight, during which Thor had to destroy the Rainbow Bridge, which allowed him to go to Earth. Later, while Loki was in the shape of Nick Fury (the head of the Shield), he had tricked Dr. Selvig, who was an astrophysicist that was working with Jane and gave him the Tesseract.

You may recall that later, Loki went to see "The Other" and The Other informed Thanos that one of the Infinity Stones had been found. In short, at that time Loki was working for Thanos.

Thor 4 Love and Thunder: Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing It

2- Thor 2: The Dark World

In Thor 2, The Dark World, Odin had woken up from his deep sleep and punished Loki. But Thor had learned that Jane was in trouble and had returned to Earth. A foreign matter called Aether had got into Jane's body, and it gave her great power but was also making her sick. So Thor had taken her to Asgard to the healers, but the entry of the Aether into Asgard with Jane, awakened Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves. Malekith pulled Aether from Jane's body and spread it across the 9 Realms.

By the way, later we learned Aether was an Infinty Stone as well. It was the Reality Stone.

3- Thor 3: Ragnarok

In Thor 3: Ragnarok, we learned that Jane and Thor had broken up, whereas, in The Dark World, Thor gave up the throne for Jane. This got all the audience confused, including me. But Marvel showed an alternate ending in Thor 2: The Dark World's DVD version, and it really made sense this time. This alternate ending began with the scene where Malekith was crushed by his own ship. Later in the scene, Thor woke up on Earth and went outside the house to meet Jane on the patio. Then, they started talking about the future of their relationship.

Thor 4 Love and Thunder: Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing It

Jane said that she couldn't quit her job and settle in Asgard and Thor should become the King too. In the original ending, Thor was returning to Earth and they were kissing. The alternate ending made more sense to me and the other fans as well.

I would like to briefly explain what happened in Thor Ragnarok. In the beginning, Loki had taken over Asgard. Thor was imprisoned in somewhere else in the universe far from Asgard. There were all kinds of creatures of the universe, captivated and forced to fight. Thor had to defeat Hulk in order to escape from this "madville". After Thor was able to escape, he went to Asgard to find Odin. But when he found Odin, watching a play about themselves, he understood that it was Loki in the shape of Odin

When Thor and Loki actually found Odin with the help of Doctor Strange, Odin was dying. As soon as Odin dies, Hela, who was Thor's half sister and Goddess of Death, gets unimprisoned. Hela wants the throne herself. 

During the fight with Hela, Thor loses his right eye and Mjölnir. Thor and Loki realizes that as long as Asgard stays, Hela will be powerful. They free Surtur, a Fire Demon, and it destroys Asgard. With the surviving Asgardians, Thor goes to Rainbow Bridge and all of them go to earth.

4- Avengers: Endgame

Going back to Endgame, Thor had to face his past to defeat Thanos and of course, this was really hard for him. Thor, who went to Asgard to find the Reality Stone, Aether, regained his old Mjölnir and fought with two Mjölnirs in Endgame. At the end of Endgame, he went with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew.

Thor: Love and Thunder Updates

Since Jane Foster(Natalie Portman) has not appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) for a long time, no one thought that her character would return, but Marvel managed to surprise us as usual and announced that Jane Foster will return in Thor 4: Love and Thunder. There is a rumor that Jane will be the Mighty Thor in the new movie but let me explain to you what it is.

Mighty Thor is a Marvel comic book series in which Jane Foster is Thor and she's also got breast cancer. Every time Jane holds Mjölnir, she has Thor's mighty powers, but since Mjölnir removes the foreign substances on the person holding it, it also destroys the effects of Jane's chemotherapy and causes Jane's cancer treatment to regress. Although I do not think that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will handle this subject exactly like the comics, I am definitely looking forward to the movie.

*** I will update this post with new information.

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