Shang Chi The Legend of the Ten Rings: Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing It

Hello dear readers, today I am here with a trailer review. The new Marvel movieShang Chi The Legend of the Ten Rings has just come to the theaters. I will analyze the trailers and tell you everything that you should know.

If you haven't watched the movie yet and want to learn what to expect without spoilers, you have come to the right place. As a big Marvel fan, I can provide you the right information. Let's move on to the article.

Shang Chi The Legend of the Ten Rings Recap: Everything You Need to Know

First Impressions

The first thing that I would like to say is how glad I am that Marvel finally made a movie with an Asian protagonist. As many of you know, Marvel movies often feature stereotypical, white, cis, male superheroes; such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor.

Although I am a big fan of them, it was time for MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) to include heroes from different cultures and backgrounds. With Black Panther, they have finally come over this stereotypical superhero concept, and with Shang Chi, they did it for the second time. Actually, I've heard that Marvel has been planning to launch Shang Chi's movie for a long time, but they couldn't get the approval until now.

Shang Chi Comics 

I would like to briefly talk about the character, Shang Chi. Shang Chi comics were first published by Marvel Comics in 1973. He was introduced as a Kung Fu master in these comics. It is also thought that the character of Shang Chi was inspired by Bruce Lee. Shang Chi was an incredibly strong character who later joined the Avengers team as well. I'm putting the Shang Chi official teaser below, then I will analyze it:

First of all, the fight scenes in the teaser just blew my mind away. It is clear that the visual effects will be rich in the movie. You can find the official trailer below and below that, there is the analysis that I made for both the teaser and the trailer:

Teaser and Trailer Analysis of Shang Chi

The beginning of the trailer is breathtaking. They briefly introduce the character and where he comes from. A character's origin story is incredibly important for the plot. Origin stories show us the psychological side of the character, their goals, ambitions, and the reason why they fight. It is clear in this trailer that our protagonist Shang Chi's enemy is his own father. Although father-son wars are something we see in Marvel movies occasionally, it seems from this trailer that this movie is nothing like the other Marvel movies.

The name of his father's character is The Mandarin. It is clear from the trailer that Shang Chi had a very difficult childhood due to his father's bullying and terrible upbringing. His father finally let him live away from home for 10 years as Shang Chi wanted. Shang Chi has made a life for himself in the USA, in Los Angeles. But the rings have to stay in Shang Chi's family therefore Shang Chi has to prove himself. So, he participates in the fight in the cage that his father prepared, which can be understood from the trailer.

These rings are shown as bracelets in the movie, but in the comics, they were real rings, so don't get confused. Also, the trailer shows The Mandarin's wars from Ancient times, which raises the question of whether this man is immortal or not.

At the end of the trailer, I noticed something very important. A character named Abomination appears in the fight in the cage. Abomination was in the first Hulk movie that was made by Marvel, not the Bruce Banner in Avengers but the other one. Frankly, seeing this character in the trailer confused me a bit about what time period this movie takes place. They will probably say that the movie takes place in an alternate universe since Shang Chi wasn't in the Avengers movies.

What do you think about the Shang Chi 10 Legend of the Ring movie and the trailer? You can share your excitement, theories, or thoughts in the comment section down below.

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